In the late 1930’s, Bernardo Paulino Pereira opened his first optical store in the city of Santarém, since then, three generations of the Paulino family have followed his footsteps.

In Bernardo Paulino times, eyewear was essentially a tool for correcting vision: strength, resistance, quality of product and permanent comfort were prized.


Ramiro Paulino, your son, who took up the baton, succeeding his father in the late 1950's and expanding the business westwards to the town of Caldas da Rainha. Although some businesses existed there, the reality of the time meant that skill and experience were a required commodity - and Ramiro came prepared.

Throughout many years of dedication to the field of optics, he created a perfect made to measure frames by hand, particularly in cases that face shape required customization to create a perfect fit.

The "Ramiro Optica" was - and still is - a reference for quality precision optics in Portugal.


“An optical shop in the 1970's was an enormous thing with dozens of little drawers full of screws and pieces of all sizes and widths, with pliers, rasps, files, and generally a large workbench for which to work.


I early on, got used to this environment: it was under my father's very workbench that I spent my early years, creating my toys from the abundant waste pieces to be found in the workshop.

From an early age, therefore. I learned the trade and worked in partnership with my father for years. I kept the secrets, techniques, rigor, commitment and passion.

My passion in giving life to new frames is part of this legacy and clearly connected to my early involvement in this craft.”





We want to continue the name because tradition is a transfer of knowledge from generation to generation, a legacy: the legacy in this case is called Paulino Spectacles.