Craftsmanship is part of humanity and it entails a long chain of action, one that takes in dedication and commitment to detail to achieve the desired goal. And when it comes to craftsmanship the human hand remains the primary tool. 


At Paulino Spectacles, after an idea is born the first task is to draft it onto paper.
There, it is perfected and tweaked, so as to get it ready for the molding process. At this stage, the size of the frames, eyes, and how everything fits on the face are all carefully considered - not just for aesthetic reasons, but above anything, to ensure that the final piece will fit in utmost comfort.



The molding process is manually undertaken using rasps, saws and files, until the final mold achieves its optimum shape. With the mold completed, and using a pantograph (a manually operated machine that simultaneously “reads” the mold and cuts the piece), we start cutting the front part of the frame. This stage, though still incomplete, already allows one to anticipate the final product.


Paulino Spectacles uses only the highest quality Mazzucchelli acetate as raw material, one that is very strong.
The last stage of the polishing process is undertaken manually using silk fabrics.
Our sunglasses lens are all provided by Zeiss, with high quality standards requirements. Each piece is subject to the strictest of quality control. The aim of Spectacles Paulino is perfection.