Interview with Filipa Gomes

October 22, 2014

Being one of the most familiar faces of 24 Kitchen channel, Filipa Gomes is the host of 'Prato do Dia' show. Inspired by Jamie Oliver, Filipa loves the kitchen, the aromas, flavors and ingredients of the world, having a preference for a fresher and healthier cuisine, using organic products. We talked with Filipa about food, her unique style and of course her sunglasses by Paulino Spectacles:

What do you like the most in your Paulino Spectacles glasses?
The model has my name, ah ah ah! I'm always deceiving people and tell them it was me who designed it. Which is not true, but it could well be because they have my style. Very retro and eyecat, but with a twist. And on top of that, they're Portuguese. Delicious!

How you define your personal style?
The 50s and surrounding decades are very present. I love the cuts, makeup, hairstyles, lifestyle. But I'm not obsessed. Moreover, I prefer to mix references than having a whole look just right as if I had traveled back in time.

What is your favourite recipe?
It is impossible to answer this question without being unfair. It's like asking me if I like the mother or the father. I'm passionate about food, like a thousand things and so many more. Favorite, favorite, is to call the people I love and cooking for them. I especially like to do things they have never tasted.

Photo by Natalie Joos for Tales of Endearment

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