Interview with Joana Barrios

September 30, 2014

A fashion enthusiast, Joana Barrios is also an associated artist of Teatro Praga, she keeps a column in Tabu, the magazine of the weekly newspaper Sol and a blog called Trashédia. In collaboration with Paulino Spectacles, Joana Barrios developed a deluxe limited edition, entirely handcrafted in Portugal with very vintage acetates, available in three different colors. Named 'Tirésias', the model designed by Barrios (pictured with the sunglasses) results from the desire of finally having a sufficiently huge glasses on the market. Before the release of the glasses at Óptica do Sacramento next Thursday, October 2nd, we talked with Joana Barrios:

What makes this edition special?
Several things! The first is of course, the privilege of being invited by a brand like Paulino Spectacles for a collaboration. Even more, being a Portuguese brand, with high quality and international reputation!
Then I thing it would be necessary to emphasize what it means for me to be involved in creating a product that will be available to the general public. Because actually I usually create many products, for productions, performances or events that last only one day! ...
After the first contact with Ramiro Paulino and my proposal to design a frame, I went home and drew in my notebook the glasses I wanted exactly. I measured all the glasses in my collection, then made a wishlist with the ideal model for me and researched about the product design enough to be ready for, one day, showing my sketch to Ramiro. The skecth was not so bad as that, because with Ramiro, was only necessary to give some finishing touches on the model in the same sheet of my notebook. I remember perfectly Ramiro saying that "this is huge... are you sure? So big?". Yes. To me, the glasses would be those. Huge. To my measure!
As a consequence of this and the peaceful relationship between two people who spoke 'glasses', I had complete freedom to design the model that truly wanted - huge and with fun colors.

What did you like the most in the development of this edition?
I would say the trip to the factory, which was only one, but very thorough and informative. From the ideal conception of a product to its materialization, the process is very time consuming and can sometimes seem lost, but it's the way it must be. It needs to breath and take shape. I loved to have learned, once again, to control my hyperactivity and anxiety, and also to keep a secret. Until very recently no one knew what was to come between Paulino Spectacles and me!

How you define your personal style?
Hmmm... Bipolar? I do not know! Can be many things. Essentially dramatic? Never was able to define my style. But if I had to say something, it would be classic, as strange as it may seem. I like to be many things. My style reflects who I am: a multifaceted mass, sturdy, ready for anything, but especially prepared to be surprised at any time for the life that happens. My favorite items are sunglasses (I have a huge and varied collection), shoes and white T-shirts.

Photo Credits - Carlos Pinto | Make Up - Sónia Pessoa

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