Interview with Linda Martini

December 08, 2014

Portugal never produced so much good music as in recent years, and Linda Martini is decidedly one of the names that stand out in this new wave of domestic musicians. Their latest album 'Turbo Lento' is the perfect demonstration of the band's ability to combine unforgettable melodies, engaging lyrics and a strong instrumental component, always blinking the eye to a harder rock.
In addition to singing in Portuguese, Linda Martini members love to closely follow projects made in Portugal like Paulino Spectacles, which they're big fans. We've talked with Linda Martini about their work, style and Paulino Spectacles:

What do like the most in your Paulino Spectacles' glasses?
André: The fact that they are handmade makes them special because there are never two exactly identical pairs.
Cláudia: The retro look, but much more light than if they were really retro, which makes them very comfortable.
Hélio: They are made by hand and have formats for big noses, like mine. Perfect!
Pedro: The elegance and vintage look.

How do you define your personal style?
André: A lot. Sometimes gangsta other casual friday.
Cláudia: Bipolar. Mostly practical, but two or three days a year I decide to go to the opposite extreme.
Hélio: 100 meters freestyle.
Pedro: Undecided. In general I always end up choosing clothes with more pilling and older sneakers.

Where do you get inspired to create your music?
Anything can inspire us to make music. Generally a good dinner and good conversation give results but is a free process and on which we do not have that much control. We simply insist and expect to appear anything, but you never know when it will happen. We work as a classic garage band, where the creation arises from the reaction to what each one of us bring to the room.

And what were the most special moments in the band's life so far?
Several. The first time we played outside Portugal was something special. We made a minitour in Ireland and England. At the time the debut EP had not even come out in Portugal and we were not used to that kind of attention. The concert in Dublin was magical, before we started they made us fearful saying the public was very harsh with bands they didn't know about, but at the end of the first song we received an ovation that left us perplexed.
The first time we played in Paredes de Coura was also special. We didn't knew what to expect and we were freaking out with the amount of people who knew us and sang our songs.

Photos by Ricardo Filho de Josefina

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