Fernando Caetano

July 08, 2015

Fernando Caetano, director of the men's lifestyle magazine Doze, is known for his impeccable style, lively conversation and historical knowledge. Fond of Paulino Spectacles from the beginning, Fernando Caetano talked with us about his eyeglasses and style:

What do you like the most in your Paulino Spectacles?
I like the comfort provided by the way they set on my face relief. The Martim model I use is a version of a classic, without major changes, whose proportions, factor to which I am particularly sensitive, are the best I know, and I’ve used many glasses over time. Because I’ve the luck to know the brand, I know they are made with great care and excellent materials. For those who, like me, love objects made to last and the way they are manufactured, is another plus.

How important are eyeglasses in your image?
A lot, regardless the importance I want to give it. Given that the face is the body part to which we look first and the most enduring one to others, is natural that anything that we put there will not go unnoticed and is readable. I try that the eyeglasses are consistent with what the eye captures when away from the face and focuses on the whole.

How do you define your style?
In the style chapter I usually use a quote simultaneously attributed to Orson Welles and Gore Vidal (from what I know of them, both could have said it) that says something like this: “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” This is my record. More and more I have less patience for clichés: I think that's part of my style.

Photo of Fernando Caetano, with Martim frame, by Ana Viegas.

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